Thursday, September 28, 2006

Publishing on the internet - examples and resources

There are few recent examples of authors who have turned to the web to publish their stories. This can be an effective way to get feedback and exposure - especially if you promote the site well.

L. Lee Lowe is publishing a fantasy novel called Mortal Ghost. She (I think she's a she, but I'm actually not quite sure) has done a great job at getting people to read and give feedback on her site. I haven't read it myself (haven't found a good chunk of time), but she wrote to me when I launched my other blog to invite me to have a read. Good marketing!

Another example, which I also haven't read is Three Cats Write. This is a blog from three authors writing as cats, creating a serial novel. I'm not big on animal stuff like this, so haven't given it a read. Again, they contacted me to invite me to read. Searching children's lit-related blogs can be a great way to find contacts, and invite people to read your work.

And while I'm here, I've also been invited to join a 'free creative writing magazine'. Here's the link to the site which sent the invite:' One can't be sure if this stuff is useful, but I thought I'd see what they provide. The topic for the first 'newsletter' (which is really a webpage you can go to direct), is 'Find a Market'. I can't vouch for the information, but take a look if you're interested...


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